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"Congratulations, then, to O.C. Heaton on a fine debut, for opening my mind to first-timers, and for inventing the fantastic new word "thrillogy" which is now firmly implanted in my vocabulary! I look forward to the next instalment."

"The Human Race is part science fiction, part adventure thriller, and a wholly enjoyable read."

"An outstanding first novel from O.C.Heaton that catapults him into the Best Seller league. This is a gripping tale with all the essential ingredients of a great holiday read."

"Not only is the plot deliciously gripping, but the writing is rich and engaging. This is really an astonishing debut novel, the calibre of which leaves me in no doubt that we will be hearing and seeing much more of O.C. Heaton in the future."

"Heaton has convinced me of two things.  The first is that I really should try and get to Iceland ...  The second is that he has drawn me into his world now and I need to know what happens next in this thrillogy."

"This writer knows what he is doing, and I enjoyed the ride he was taking me on."

“A fast moving, can't put down read with some incredibly nail biting and very exciting cliff hanging moments and superb twist in the tale. This is crying out to be made into a movie.”

“I read The Human Race by O C Heaton whilst on holiday and finished it in two days! You feel like you are in the thick of it as Heaton takes you on a whirlwind trip between London, New York and Iceland as the suspense and adrenalin mounts.”

“This book got me in trouble. I couldn't put it down. Fast paced story and non-stop action. Clever too. The breadth of research is impressive and very well argued. It made me wonder multiple times what if...”

“A real page turner from the very first page. It’s everything you would want from a thriller and more, it’s exciting, action packed and funny.”

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